Gary L. Honeycutt

Relaxing...Gary hard at work

With 35 years of experience of owning and training horses of all ages and disciplines Mr. Honeycutt is a true horseman. He has helped people of all ages learn how to become better horsepeople. From starting young horses to training horses that other trainers had given up hope for, Mr. Honeycutt has trained and helped countless horses, as well as their owners. He has studied many training techniques on the ground as well as in the saddle and has extensive knowledge of horse psychology. Using a resistance-free common sense approach to training horses and riders, he achieves results in all aspects of training without force or violence. He has evaluated and created solutions for countless problem horses in his clinics and consultations.

Bine Freese

Bine training her horse.Show Jumping.

Ever since she took her first riding lessons at the age of 7 in Germany, Bine Freese has had a love for horses, which she has now turned into her career. She has been working in all aspects of horse training since she was 17. She has started horses under saddle as well as trained and re-trained difficult horses, a nd has helped clients of all ages with their horses to improve their horsemanship skills. Her experience also includes giving horsemanship demonstrations and guidance to clients at clinics that help them better communicate with their horses. She has the knowledge and patience to start your young prospect with the right foundation for their future career or help you with advanced training. She believes that a true horseperson never stops learning and therefore is taking lessons on a regular basis to improve her skills. She also attends clinics and seminars whenever possible.