Dazzling Ice

quarter Horse TCDazzling Ice is Bine Freese's personal horse. She is a 2011 Holsteiner mare by Cicera's Icewater out of her Holsteiner broodmare by Riveman. Dazzling Ice is just now beginning her education under saddle and we all have high hopes for her as a great all around horse. She is especially showing talent for jumping or eventing. She was born and raised on our farm and has a special place in our family.


Our Horse CupidCupid is a 11.2 hands Hackney/ Shetland cross. He pulls carts and wagons and gets ridden occasionally. He often pulls our covered pony wagon together with our other pony Cupcake. He loves attention and has a sweet personality. Our Horse Cupid


Our Horse CupcakeCupcake is a Welsh pony. She is 11.1 hands tall and loves attention. She pulls a cart or wagons together with our other pony Cupid. Our Horse Cupcake


Our Holsteiner Horse AbbyFannie is a 16.1 hand Percheron. She pulls our wedding carriage as well as some of our covered wagons. She also gets ridden English as well as Western.


Abby is a registered Holsteiner mare by Riverman. Due to a pasture accident leaving her with a permanent injury she had to retire early from her performance career and is now a broodmare. She is also Dazzling Ice's mother.Our Holsteiner Horse Abby


Charlie is a 2004 Appaloosa gelding. He is used as a trail horse as well as a lesson horse. He has a very laid back personality and is a calm partner to teach students proper horsemanship.Our Holsteiner Horse Abby